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New chapters of WS 2000 tutorial

After a long time is here a continuation of the tutorial for WS 2000. The first batch are three new chapters. This new chapters include theme for creating doors, ladders and rotating objects. But only the Czech version!









Chaser review

Today I release my review on the game Chaser. It's after eight years since the release of this great game. I'm so shronout all their impressions and tell you why do I still like this game. But the text is only in Czech.









Updated version of the MapPack

Year 2011 is here and with it comes new updates on this site. There is actualization for DoomMap MapPack and we hope that it is final version already. Maybe you are asking urself, why I am again working on this old project. Believe or not, but there are many reasons why to, even many years left after publishing this MapPack.

Last year I have got known that this MapPack crashes whole game (actually game servers on the internet). If there would not come Zippo, I would not get known that my project is crashing the game. I have spent time on searching my old backups of this project and made a new version of this mappack, which is not bugging anymore. Except that I have solved problem - incompability with some game versions and repaired some little bugs in maps. For example places where you could go in a glitch in problems with corners or simple gouing out of map. In Prehrada map I also have fixed a bug in Shock Troops mode which may freeze the game (animation freeze). Plus every map got translated its texts into english and was named in the loading screen.

Last change in this mappack is that I have included Forge map. This map was published in self pack, but now we add it in this mappack. From this moment you have all my multiplayer maps together. So dont worry :P But before installing this new version of DoomMap MapPack please remove old version of this mappack and Forge if you also have it.

If you are Chaser multiplayer fan, then I hope that you got fun with my updates! If you will want to play with me, just leave a message and I will. To download this new version of the DoomMap MapPack click on Levels in download menu on left side or here. If you find any problems, please contact me now and dont let me to get known it in several years! :D




Christmas update

Another year is almost gone and we have Christmas time again. Even it doesn’t look so, we were working pretty hard in DoomMap in last few months and because of that one of our projects is almost done!

You say it seems to be too positive message? Well, I admit it. Not everything went as we planned... I wanted to surprise you and give you an unexpected gift, but I had no time so I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry about that, but I really couldn’t do anything. On the other hand you don’t have to be sad you missed something, it can lead to better result. In next year I’ll be back and you can speculate what am I preparing for you.

At least I want you thank you for visiting these pages and I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year. We should hope that upcoming year 2011 will be better for us and that it’ll bring us a lot of interesting modes and maps, especially for my favourite game Chaser. And who knows, maybe there’ll be even Chaser 2. Only one thing is sure: since the very beginning of next year is John Chaser going to action again! I wish you happy holidays ;-)




PathBuilder – next tool to download

I added new tool for game Chaser to download. PathBuilder is a simple tool that calculates the area for free movement of enemies in the map. If you want to create single player levels as I, certainly can not do without this utility. The package, which I have prepared for you, contains PathBuilder, brief instructions and a small sample map. In the map you can see how to properly configure and deploy an enemies and points. This new utility found on the page "Tools".





New tools for Chaser

Today I added a few new things to download. This is a sample maps for the Chaser, which show some interesting functions. The second case is that the 3DS to MSH exporter from Caulron, which allows in the program 3D Studio Max to export models into the MSH format.

This new utilities found on the page "Tools"







Changes and new informations

DoomMap is back! New Multiplayer MapPack for Chaser, on motive StarGate series, is currently in development. Visit the site of projects for informations and screenshots.

New links: Chaser on Steam, community and forum. New Chaser group on Facebook: Link here.








Military Complex - new trailer!

Military Complex, new mission pack for the game Chaser, now has two trailers! Video is here.











WS 2000 tutorial is here!

World Studio 2000 is editor for creating maps and mods in the Game Chaser. Tutorial for this program is finally here! So far only the Czech version.










Christmas update

On DoomMap website were added for download "Demoversion" and "Soundtrack". All from the Game Chaser.











Forge - new multiplayyer map for Chaser

Today I released a new multiplayer map for the game Chaser, called Forge. You can download it right here here.











Military Complex - first trailer is here!

Military Complex, new mission pack for the game Chaser, has first trailers, almost five minutes long! Video is here.











Best screenshot for year 2006 - Chaser or Doom 3?

Screenshot in full resolution you can see the project website.












New look and some news

From now on you will find pages DoomMap with new design on adress











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