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Levels for Chaser



DoomMap MapPack v2 final

Release date: 1.1.2011

Size: 30 Mb


This updated and we hope final version of multiplayer mappack has included 6 maps. They are mainly for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game mods. In a case with map Prehrada its also Shock Troops.




Release date: 18.3.2005

Size: 14,3 Mb


Stoka is a singleplayer level, where you have to get into the main administrative building in an industrial area Montack City and steal secret data. For english language in game please download "english translation".

Download czech version


Military Complex - Sector A

Release date: 28.10.2004

Size: 2,93 Mb


My first singleplayer map for Chaser. In it You have goal to go through the old underground and destroy all enemies that you will stand in his way.

Download czech version



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